Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Things Done

I haven't been blogging much lately. Mostly, it's because I've been busy knitting and finishing things. You know how it is... you knit and knit and knit, then you're in a rut. Everything just sits there. One row left of that pair of socks, and you can't get yourself to knit it. Sweater pieces are all finished, but you can't get yourself to put them together. Another pair of socks has been languishing for weeks, and you're not quite sure why. And then...
WHAMMO! You turn into a WIP finishing machine.
Well, that's what happened to me. Look at this:

Socks. With beads.

More lavender/purple than in the picture, and the beads are slightly iridescent. I love these socks.

Then, some socks for my sister. Maybe they're not quite 100% the same size (let them lie for months, didn't take notes), but they should still fit. And Opal Regenwald in Hummel sure makes for pretty stripes.

And then... the Dad Sweater. Still not red. It's burgundy, burgundy, burgundy. Now someone go tell my camera.

Sideways, because getting a good shot required some contortions on my part:

And from t he front:

Not blocked yet, but otherwise assembled and ready to go. Now, I'm hoping it fits... 50" for a 44" chest is quite a bit of positive ease, now that I look at it. sure, it's supposed to be loose and comfy, but I hope the Enormous Sweater Curse doesn't continue.

I guess this is what happens when work stress picks up: suddenly, all sorts of WIPs get finished. It's like that time you're supposed to be studying for an exam but end up cleaning your room instead. Who knew vacuuming and dusting could be so much fun, right?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still here

I haven't abandoned my blog. It's been busy and work and my tendinitis has been pretty bad, so I took a break from blogging, blog stalking, and even from knitting. Not completely, but I cut way down for a couple of weeks. I'll be back in a couple of days with FOs and WIPs to show off... and to check in on the rest of the knitting world. I miss you guys!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Back in Business

Hello, it's been a while! I haven't posted in over... oh, in forever. First, my sister was visiting, and we had a great time. I fed her, took her shopping, spent time hanging out... at the end of day 10, neither she nor I properly fit into our pants, but we had had a lot of wonderful food, many opportunities to veg on the couch, and an altogether enjoyable visit. That's the good part.

In not-so-good news, we had internet problems. First, our cable modem stopped working, and our ISP told us it was area-wide. But they didn't do anything about it. So we got ticked off and decided to try another ISP -- they had a try-it-30-days-free offer. DSL isn't so bad, right?
Right. The cable that came with the modem-cum-router was busted. Then, when we had replaced that, installation turned out to be a difficult process indeed. Then, their anti-virus software completely killed Mr. Batty's hard drive... and then, to add insult to injury... DSL stopped working. Great.
So now we have two non-functional modems. I call our original ISP provider and the tech support guy doesn't see any problems with modems in our neighborhood. After some helpful instructions, I have our cable modem running again, the computer we plugged into it directly is accessing the internet. We unplug, turn on the wireless router...
Our wireless router has kicked the bucket.
So we get a new wireless router, Mr. Batty does the installation, wants to access the web... modem is dead. After some cursing and mucking about, I discover that you have to unplug the modem, let it sit for 30 seconds, plug it back in, power cycle... and then it works.

So, after all that, we're back in business. Yay!