Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tale of Woe

I finally decided to overcome my fear of colorwork. Things were going well. Sure, I was probably going to run out of yarn (the danger of using leftovers) and I had some twisted stitches (must make sure to wrap the yarn in the right direction when anchoring the main color), but overall, I was very pleased.

Pretty bird design, the colors are working out, everything is reasonably even and likely to get more even with blocking. So I decide to try on the sock.

Yeah. That sock is not going over my heel, ever.

Moral of the story: yes, stranded colorwork is in fact less stretchy than regular knitting. Rrrrrip!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Funky Socks of Awesomeness

They are colorful, they are funky, they are brightening a gray New England day! Warmups, done and ready to be shipped to Germany. Such a fun knit. Very detailed patter, I'd recommend it for beginners.

Watch out for the yarn consumption, though. I couldn't even match up the stripes because I thought I was going to run out. The pattern calls for 5 "welts" but I made 6. This is what was left of two skeins of Regia Color. I usually have tons of leftover yarn!

As you can see, I like living on the edge.

Pattern: Warmups
Yarn: Regia Ringel Color in colorway Clown
Needles: US #0/2mm
Size: European 39
Comments: If you add welts, make sure you have enough yarn! These socks slurp up yarn like you wouldn't believe.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I overdid it...

I seem to have gotten carried away with the sock-knitting, and with twisted stitch patterns in particular. The tendons in my right forearm are complaining, so I'm now on knitting hiatus and trying to keep the typing to a minimum. There was a bit of spinning yesterday. Maybe I can do that for a bit, it doesn't seem to hurt too badly.
There's nothing sadder than unrequited love. I love twisted stitches but they don't love me back.