Saturday, June 11, 2011

Funky Socks of Awesomeness

They are colorful, they are funky, they are brightening a gray New England day! Warmups, done and ready to be shipped to Germany. Such a fun knit. Very detailed patter, I'd recommend it for beginners.

Watch out for the yarn consumption, though. I couldn't even match up the stripes because I thought I was going to run out. The pattern calls for 5 "welts" but I made 6. This is what was left of two skeins of Regia Color. I usually have tons of leftover yarn!

As you can see, I like living on the edge.

Pattern: Warmups
Yarn: Regia Ringel Color in colorway Clown
Needles: US #0/2mm
Size: European 39
Comments: If you add welts, make sure you have enough yarn! These socks slurp up yarn like you wouldn't believe.


Lisa said...

Those are awesome! I may have to make a pair of legwarmers from the welted part. Verah nize!

Kaye said...

Love them!!! Great for a cold wintry gray day!

Zonda said...

Very colorful socks ;) Bright and cherry!

pinkundine said...

They're fab! I love colourful socks :)

Rebel said...

Oh how fun! your leftover yarn cracks me up. On my very first pair of socks - I made them too big & cuff down. I ran out of yarn at literally the last row (actually, I think I was shortening up the toe as I was going too, cause I knew I'd run out) so the last bit of seaming up the toe was done with an alternate yarn. Too bad all I had was *worsted* weight yarn to do it with. =P Live & learn.

Nartian knits said...

I love how close you got to running out of yarn. LOL! Such a fun pair of colorful socks.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE them. They're happymaking socks, especially because you DIDN'T run out of yarn.