Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Not all of these are knitting-related.

1. I will finish my cross-stitch UFO. It has been sitting there for 7 years, that's enough.

2. I will try Fair Isle knitting. This one is left over from last year. What can I say, I'm a coward when it comes to colorwork.

3. Start holiday gifts in time to actually finish.

4. Knit more socks.

5. Knit a lace garment that has shaping in the lace part, not just the stockinette section.

6. Learn to crochet properly. By that, I mean learn to crochet something other than a dishcloth.

7. Get in shape. Not moving makes my inflammatory arthritis worse. Also, I need to get in shape so I can

8. do the breast cancer walk. It's in May, so I better get cracking.

9. Stop being a coward when it comes to applying for jobs. I mean, why?

10. Eat healthy. Junk food makes the hormones unhappy. Unhappy hormones make me unhappy. It's not a good thing.

And here's one that needs to get done before the New Year: Finish at least one of my knitting UFOs! 2 of them need assembling. At least one of them should be finishable by tomorrow!

Happy New Year, and I'll post pictures of the new FO if I succeed with that last bit!


Bezzie said...

Good number 5! I haven't thought about that before. Overall very do-able I think!

cpurl17 said...

Great resolutions!

I wish we could take a Fair Isle class together! I'm signed up for one at Stitches West.

Zonda said...

Sounds good to me! Go for it!! :) We're here to cheer you on or commiserate with you if you need it! :)

weezalana said...

Excellent resolutions and all very, very doable. :)

I'll be joining you on 3 and 4!

veritas said...

happynewyear, my lovely batty!

ZantiMissKnit said...

Happy New Year!! I've got very similar resolutions in my head!

Rain said...

Happy New Year, I hope it's a good one. Good luck with the resolutions.

fleegle said...

That's gorgeous! And yes, that ribbon work would look glorious on socks. I will have to try that sometime this year.

Ceallach said...

Batty, smooches!

All very doable and attainable goals.....