Sunday, December 16, 2007

SP Package (lots of pictures)

It's been a while since my last post. Super Secret Christmas Knitting will do that to you, as will the fact that I'm not done yet and must knit longer and faster in order to get everything done. Fortunately, there are other things to put on one's blog, like the fabulous SP package I received from Eryn.

She mentioned sending something for the kitties. It was when Morgana jumped on my lap and wouldn't stop sniffing the package that I began to suspect what that "something" might be.

She wouldn't go away. No amount of shooing, moving, or tempting with cat toys would do the trick. This was a cat on a mission!
"Sniff, sniff. There's something in there, and it's for me. Don't try to mess with my head, woman, I know catnip when I smell it!"

Organic, weapons grade catnip, to be exact.

A pinch of this stuff on their old cat scratcher, and they were sniffing, licking and rolling. These cats sure like their catnip! It's fair to say that this particular package was a big hit with the kitties.

While I didn't start out by sniffing the package, I am just as thrilled with its contents. Look, it's a black bat washcloth, together with some of Eryn's wonderful soap. Almond Biscotti, yum! I never sniffed the package, but I sure sniffed the soap and can't wait to try it.
And those little white pearly things are stitch markers. They look a bit like tiny snowmen, very cute.

Then, there is the key lime taffy and the orange marmalade. And a little flip-flop key chain. Goodies from sunny Florida, sent to snowy New England, and a very nice reminder that this winter storm will end someday, and the sun will come out again.

Before it does, though, we can enjoy the spiced cocoa in the snowman mugs. Sit in front of the fireplace, watch the snow outside, and sip hot chocolate. And I'm taking some time off around Christmas, so I know what we'll be doing with our free time!

There was some chocolate in those mugs, but, um, something happened to it. Can't take pictures of it, sorry! : )

Maybe I should also mention that Eryn can read minds. When I first saw the Ice Queen pattern, I decided I needed to get my hands on some black laceweight mohair and knit one for myself. Now, look what came in the package! Yes, that's black laceweight mohair, together with a note mentioning that it's intended for the Ice Queen. How perfect is that?

By the way, black laceweight mohair has the same effect on Morgana as off-white DB Cashmerino Aran. She can't resist it, which is why I'm holding it in one hand and taking a blurry picture with the other. Every time I tried to set it down, she was on it within a fraction of a second.

There was also a little bell ornament, which serves a double function:

These cats love bells.
And we're all saying thanks to Eryn for sending us a wonderful package. It really is amazing.


adrienne said...

Oooh, Ice Queen will look great in black! What a great SP surprise :)

Bobbi said...

what a great package! Can't wait to see Ice Queen :)

Rebel said...

fantastic package! It is great to get a little something for the kitty to distract them from the yarny-goodness.

weezalana said...

What a fun package! And the cat scratcher pic is a total crack-up!

Eryn said...

Yay - Everyone loved it! I was laughing out loud reading about the cats... Silly kitties.

If I could have, I would have packed up a little Florida sun for you. Fabulous orange marmalade is the best I could do: slather it on toast and sip hot cocoa... yummm!

cpurl17 said...

Awesome package!!!

Can't wait to see the 'Bat' Queen!

sgeddes said...

Nice package! Looks like the kitties are enjoying it as much as you. The black lacewight mohair weill make a wonderful Ice Queen!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Love that package!! Full of winter wonderfulness! The bat washcloth is too cute!!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Awww, what a package of goodies! Your cats are just the cutest playing with their catnip - mine are totally crazy for that too, something that was quite new to me as Lady never cared for catnip - I could watch the boys for hours sniffing and rolling in theirs ;)

Maureen said...

What a great package! Great goodies! FOr you and the kitties! They are getting so big!

fleegle said...

That black mohair is stunning--and I am sure the Ice Queen will be too! Black Ice, hmm. You are in New England...

Never had a cat who liked catnip.