Sunday, January 27, 2008

Slow Progress and a Fortune Cookie Incident

Uh, let's not talk about my knitting today. Let me just share one piece of advice: When making modification to a pattern for something with more than one part, say, socks or sweater parts or some such, take the time to get a pencil and make a note of said modifications on your pattern. In case you get distracted by something else for a month or three, then have to go back and try to re-engineer what you did from looking at the front of your sweater, for example. 'nuff said.

So, if we don't talk about knitting, what else is there? Well, for one thing, there is crochet. I bought this book because I really like the designs, and even though I'm somewhat intimidated, I think I'll give them a try. I want to make just about every single thing in this book, and that's saying something. How will I get from barely able to complete a wash cloth to this fabulousness? Lots of practice, I guess.

What else is there, you ask? Why, cats! I never did show you the pictures of the Snakey toy my MIL crocheted for them. Here is Merlin enjoying his:

Yes, he's got it!

Oh no, it's getting away! Ha, gotcha!
(look at the silly grin on his face! This cat wears his heart on his sleeve)

Snake toy, you shall no longer defy me. I will be the master of you!

Morgana, on the other hand, is more laid back. She likes to snuggle up in a blankie and lie in the "nest" between my legs when I'm sitting in my comfy chair with the foot rest up.

She also likes to tramp and suck on the blanket. One day, she is convinced, this blanket is going to give milk. No luck yet, but she sure keeps trying!

Oh, and if things weren't going badly enough, let's add insult to injury:

My Fortune Cookie told me:
You have been blessed with the egregious qualities of a duffle-bag in His Majesty's Royal Navy.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune


Virtuous said...

Could you please send me an e-mail at:


cpurl17 said...

I love those kitties!! And it looks like they get lots of quality play time and nap time!

Knittypants said...

I keep seeing this book mentioned, I'll have to check it out. Although, I really don't have time to learn to crochet right now, but it doesn't hurt just to look, right :-)

Lauren said...

Kitties are awesome. One of mine loves sitting on people when they are in the comfy chair... so long as they are stretched out.

Good luck with your knitting problem.

~*Nick-Nack the Knitter*~ said...

I though my cat was the only cat that does that! But he only does it with the really soft blankets! So its mostly the kids and oh do they get mad when they come back to a wet blankie!!! Its great to know my cats not the only cat that does that!!!!!

weezalana said...

Practice makes perfect! As does yarn shopping. ;)

Cute kitty pics - as always!

Anonymous said...

Your kittens are absolutely adorable! I wish Thomas was still on the playful side.

You have been chosen as my Pay it Forward gift recipient. Please send me and email at tnbaker9atyahoodotcom.


Carina said...

Now, that's an odd fortune. :)

Man, I hear ya on making notes. I make them, lose them, and then try to figure it out later. Very annoying. Post-its in the pattern help the best, I've found. Still, I've been known to lose those, too. *sigh*

Alma said...

Crochet scares me.

But I love the cuddlecat and the snakecharmer.
Lovely, lovely, pretty kitties...

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are the best pictures of Merlin!! Love it!

And Morgana's favorite spot....same for Puddles!

Robin said...

I've been toying with the dark arts (i.e., crochet) for a bit now. I'm kinda loving it. And I have nearly a complete set of tiny steel hooks now, thanks to my local thrift store. It feels to me like finer crochet is almost a dying art, and that makes me want to learn it. I'm a kook that way, I guess.