Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yarn Choice Advice?

I don't just usually stop everything I'm doing and cast on yet another project. But I saw Anne Shirley in the Fall issue of knitty, I immediately thought, "There is this Louet Gems Fingering/Sportweight yarn I bought instead of their thinner version. I wonder if it goes with that Claudia's Hand Painted stuff?"
So now I need some color help. Would this be great, or would the resulting scarf be an eyesore? I can't quite decide. The Gems is more of a cool-toned red, and the Claudia's has more of a warm/peach-y pink to it.

Here are the candidates, picture taken with flash.

A closeup, still with flash. I was hoping that the Gems would be a lot thicker than the Claudia's, but as you can see, the difference is pretty much negligible.

And here, the two yarns without flash. I'm baffled by the similar weight. The Gems is labeled as a Fine/Sportweight yarn, while the Claudia's is simply called a fingering weight. They look to be about the same thickness to me. The scarf calls for medium and thin sock yarn, but even if they're both the same thickness, I think the end product would be pretty -- if the colors don't clash. What do you think?

Speaking of matching colors, the cats have this down to an art form. Note my camo cats, with Morgana on the dark blue blanket and Merlin on the sheet that's closer to the color of his coat.

They're being so cute in this picture. I was sick and both of them kept me company. It's the most wonderful thing -- they really can tell when their human is not OK.


fleegle said...

Oh gosh--those are my favorite colors!

And click on the link to the Yahoo group to get info on the Triinu shawl.

Trillian42 said...

Oh, I think those two totally work together! And they'll be lovely!

Such cute kitties, too!!

Bonnie said...

Go for it! Those colors will go together perfectly and it will be an awesome scarf.

Beverly said...

Looks like they'll work really well together. The red in the Louet brings out the red tones in the Claudia. I say go for it!

Elspeth said...

Oh my God, I love that yarn! It will look great together!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

They both look gorgeous together!!

I'm curious to see if it really does matter to use two different weight thought would be it wouldn't :)

Kate said...

I think they look great together. And so do the yarns... ;-)

The pattern uses two yarns which are slightly different weights as well, so would it matter very much if your yarns weren't identical?

Bezzie said...

It would appear they'd go together. You never know until you knit them up ;-)

Cat's have human misery radar I think and know when extra lovin' is needed.