Sunday, April 05, 2009

Productive Sunday

I've been feeling down lately, mostly because of the gray weather. So I decided to go back to sitting in front of my happy light, and it's working! This was a very relaxing, productive weekend.

I got to bake -- this is applesauce spice cake. Easily one of the more expensive cakes I've ever made, it calls for 1 3/4 cups of maple syrup! Next time, I'll buy B grade.

I also have a new knitting project: the Back to School u-neck vest from Fitted Knits. I'm making the smallest size in leftover yarn from the Dad Sweater. Look, the color actually looks burgundy! This is the closest I've come to getting a good, true-to-life picture of this yarn. I have about 7" of ribbing done and will be knitting another 2 because I'm long-waisted.

Here is my progress on Calorosa -- aka the Pink Socks. Yes, those are bobble-like entities. I could push them into the lace and have them be dents, but for some reason, I like them when they're sticking out. If I'm doing the k5tog, I want it to be visible.

Also, I don't yet have 5 people for the paying it forward craft-style. If you don't want to do it because of money, time, or simply 'cause you don't wanna, I understand. But in case you do... see my previous post.

OK, that's it for now. I have to go get the burritos out of the oven, then put my foot up. I managed to twist my ankle and it still hurts a bit. "Look where you're going" is really good advice, whether you're 5 or in your 30's.


fleegle said...

I hope your ankle is feeling better! It would probably love to have that gorgeous sock wrapped around it to promote healing.

And thanks for the compliments about my Lovecraft shawl. Can anyone really spell Cthullu Cthulhu etc :)

adrienne said...

The vest and sock look great!

And wow, the cake sounds delicious! I don't think I've ever made something that used that much maple syrup, but I've always wanted to make a maple syrup pie. Mmmm.

Bonnie said...

Love those bobble-like entities! Enjoy the cake (how much $$ per slice?) and hope your ankle is better soon.

Maureen said...

The cake looks delicious! Love the two knitting projects you have going too! You are being very productive! Way to go!

Paige said...

Mmmmm, I feel like I can SMELL that cake just from the picture and talk of maple syrup! The knitting is beautiful, as always. Can't wait to see the socks when they're finished!

Rocky Moreno said...

Those socks look really pretty.

Cindiluhu said...

I love your pink colorway. I have some pink sock yarn that has been calling to me lately too. I think after I finish my prayer shawl I made need to do something in a cable sock. Nice to hear from you! Thanks, Cindi

GURO said...

Yummy cake! And the knitting looks awsome too...

Thanks for the comment on my socks, it has been such a great "easterly" thing to drag them out from the very bask of the sock drawer every year since 2006.

Happy easter and good luck with the ankle.

Mary said...

Hallo Batty,
jedes Mal, wenn ich auf Deinen Blog komme, sehe ich den leckeren Kuchen und bekomme Hunger. Kannst Du bitte mal was posten und ein anderes Bild einstellen, damit ich nicht jedes Mal Lust auf Süßes bekomme. Danke! :-)

Liebe Grüße