Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gearing Up For The Holidays

At Casa Batty, we are gearing up for the holidays. I'm not crazy about Christmas decorations, gift-giving, and all of that stuff. But I love Thanksgiving. It may even be my favorite holiday of all -- it combines two of my favorite things: Spending a whole day in the kitchen with Mr. Batty and eating.

The tradition around our house involves getting a copy of every single Thanksgiving magazines I can get my hands on. I'm a vegetarian, but Mr. Batty isn't, so we make one turkey and one Quorn.

We spend time with the magazines... then, we usually make the same recipes we first made in 2001, our first Thanksgiving together. But the process of looking, daydreaming, and choosing is fun.

Speaking of holidays... look, socks, not for me.

'nuff said.


maryannlucy said...

Your house is looking very much like mine, but the magazines I have piling up are Christmas ones, and I have just knitted the same socks for DD - spooky ;-)

Mary said...

Hey Batty,
die Titelbilder der Zeitschriften sehen ja schon vielversprechend aus, da bekomme ich auch gleich Appetit.

Süße Söckchen hast Du gestrickt, sind die aus der Opal Stars and Stripes?

Liebe Grüße

Maureen said...

I love making a t-day dinner, but I usually do it over the weekend after we have had the family one. Then I get the real feel of a Quorn roast , stuffing and potatoes! Love those Quorn products!! Cool socks! Who's yarn is that? Or is it hand dyed?

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas has become way too commercialized.
I love those socks.

weezalana said...

I highly recommend this method for the turkey: I made the turkey this way last year and it. was. AWESOME.

Very patriotic socks!

Rebel said...

I LOVE the holiday editions of magazines, I keep all the Christmas & Thanksgiving ones so I can peruse them year after year.

PS - those socks ROCK!

Vanessa said...

Oh I love Thanksgiving too! It is hard to decide which holiday I like better, Christmas or Thanksgiving, because I love all the decorations!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for Holiday cooking magazines. I love looking at them, even though I know I probably won't cook any of it, heh.

Julies knitting corner said...

I love those socks, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I see you are also a collector of helpful magazines too. best wishes Julie.C

Eileen said...

Duck for us this year! (DH won't eat turkey...but I bought one on sale for least he'll eat things with turkey stock in them.)

Those magazines are the Kidsilk Haze of the cooking world, aren't they? (I even buy Halloween magazines for the recipes.)

Meadowlark said...

Just found you today and am sending the vegetarian gravy that apparently rocks.

Apparently because I eat meat and stuff, but it's written by a very good friend. Just thought I'd share. :)