Sunday, January 31, 2010


I like small projects. They eat up yarn, and they are useful. This one just flew off the needles, and I didn't even bother to block it. I managed to get a pair of Fetchings and this headband out of one skein of Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted! No leftovers. I'm taking this stash reduction thing very seriously.

Pattern: Cabled Headband from The Knitter's Book of Yarn
Needles: US #4
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted, color: frosted fuchsia
Comments: Fun, quick pattern. It'll come in handy when my hair falls into my face.

There has also been some spinning. Instead of plying the yarn I finished the other day, I got inspired. Here it is... my first art yarn! The inspiration: 28 Days Later, a surprisingly cerebral zombie flick. I recommend it. And the Shadowrun xbox game. I used to play the Shadowrun RPG. Somehow, the futuristic feel of the game and the bright green box it came in gelled into an idea for yarn (yeah, that's weird). And the roving is called Zombie Glow. So... how could I not?

I have plans for this stuff. I want to ply it into a bulky weight with slubs, tufts, and bits sticking out every which way. Then, I want to knit a hat. It'll be my Radioactive Zombie Apocalypse Hat. Did I mention this stuff glows in the dark?


Becky said...

That sounds like a fun plan for the art yarn. Zombies in warm hats sounds hilarious.

I have a cabled headband someone made for me. I use it to keep my ears warm. Yours looks great. Good going on the stash reduction!

Katie said...

I used to play shadowrun, too! In fact, back in the day, I was one of many test players for second ed.

I envy people who have enough stash that they can go on diets...

Bonnie said...

Lovely headband and brilliant use of stash. Can't wait to see the Zombie hat!

Michelle said...

I _LOVE_ it!!!!

When the hat is all done, you can needle felt a brain onto it :)

Rebel said...

Love the headband... need to check out that pattern! And the yarn you're spinning is super pretty... love those colors

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Does it really glow in the dark? Too cool! It spun up beautifully! (And hey, bloglines caught this post!)

Jo said...

I love the headband! Does it slip in your hair? I always find I need headbands with teeth to keep it in my hiar - but maybe sewing some sock elastic into it would give it some more friction.

I wish more people had glow in the dark hats! (My street doesn't have street lights and it is amazing how many people wear dark jackets and dark hats...)

merlinthecat said...

ohhh your yarn looks great!