Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow... and Goodies!

You may have heard of it on TV... but we had snow again! This time, it was a real blizzard. Mr. Batty and I both worked from home and took turns shoveling our deck. By the time one half was clear, the other was snowed in again. Talk about Sysiphean labor!

It's gotten warmer now and the snow has begun to melt. But it sure was pretty while it lasted. I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, and even a day or two of staying out of the office tends to spoil a person.

As if I weren't spoiled enough, I got my package from the knitty holiday swap. And I have to say, I was absolutely blown away by my sp's generosity. Fiber -- in gorgeous reds and grays and ALPACA!!! -- one of those fun knit kits with stitch markers, a tape measure, and other useful stuff inside, patters... the list just keeps going. And something tells me those postcards aren't just store-bought, either. Nessa, I knew from your blog that your photography was superb, but they are stunning!

And... then there was the applesauce. The jar made it intact, it was briefly mentioned, then quickly squirreled away in the fridge. I have plans for that applesauce. It involves me, myself, and a spoon.
Thank you so much for your gift and for your kind words. You really made my day.


Fujiyamamama said...

Love those Knitties!

Eileen said...


Jo said...

Here in DE we only got about 5" from that last system - just enough to annoy and delay schools by 2 hours - but I worked at home anyway. I always like making bread when I work at home since it only requires bits of effort here and there... and then there is yumminess at end :)

Nessa said...

yay! So happy you like everything! I couldn't decide which photos to print out for you, so I just went with a hodge podge, LOL!

So happy you like them and DON'T think I am a stalker!! (or maybe you do, whatever! rofl)

fleegle said...

What a lovely Christmas package! Have fun with it!

As for bankrupting you, well, I really apologize. But, heh, batts make excellent insulation :)

Julies Knit & Sew Corner said...

I bet that cheered you up no end, lovely goodies. Julie.C