Friday, July 15, 2011

Return of the Mojo

After the AC fiasco (87 degrees! Inside!), my knitting mojo seems to be returning. As does my willingness to make a spectacle of myself in front of the neighbors by contorting myself on the blistering hot deck in order to get a better picture of handknit socks.
The pattern I frogged in the last post was Dawnsinger from Janel Laidman's Illuminations sock club. I've signed up for that and her Art and Sole club this year because both offer pattern-only options. Way to work through some of that stash yarn!

The FO below is Charleston from the Art and Sole club. They took a long time because of all the twisted stitches. Twisted stitches hurt my hands but are so pretty.

The sordid details:
Pattern: Charleston
Yarn: Knitpicks Essentials in colorway Prairie
Needles: US#0
Size: small
Comments: Knit exactly as written. Fun but took forever on account of the twisted stitches.

Next: a whole bunch of new projects. Here's my summer knitting yarn pile.

And some roving that made me think of Jaws. You know... people swimming along, cue the shark music, blood in the water... just the kind of inspiration one needs for summer spinning.

We're not going to the beach this year. Maybe it's better that way.


Kaye said...

Holy cow, I love that red and white roving--you're completly right, it looks like Jaws Water! What's the actual name of it?

Katie said...

Kelly (sp?), who dyed that roving, is my mom's knit night. I think she'd be highly amused at your association there...

Anonymous said...

87? INSIDE? I'm amazed you didn't melt. I would've.

Ooooooh new projects! Do tell :D

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

87 inside is too hot. The roving is definitely not for the faint of heart.