Saturday, September 10, 2011

Surgery and Vet and Fun

We've been having a fun time at the Batty House! I had foot surgery, which is healing well but preventing me from modeling the socks I knit. The cat has a UTI or something similar and had to go to the vet, which was not a popular move. It's been a rough two weeks.
On the bright side: lots of knitting got done. I just don't know what happened to my resolution to make more non-sock items. My mojo seems to have run out for everything except socks.


OfTroy said...

I, too lose my "other knitting" mojo, but never sock mojo--pair after pair, i turn them out with each calendar page, 10 so far this year, with plans for 4 more, (making a total of 14 for the year.)

they are just wonderful to knit aren't they? and think how good your feet will feel (when your foot is feeling better) encased in lovely hand knit socks!

jpknits said...

I hope you are both healing well!

I for one have been admitting your productive sock mojo!


Kaye said...

Ha ha, of course the one item you can't model is what you want to knit the most. Hope you and the furface are feeling better soon!

Rebel said...

Hope everyone is healing quickly. It is nice to have a good hobby for downtime like that.

Zonda said...

Hope your foot heals fast and kitty does too! You must have my sock mojo... should be finishing one..just don't have the umpf to ;)