Monday, April 30, 2012

This Blog is Not Dead

No, it isn't, even though I haven't posted in a month.  We are putting our condo on the market and hoping to move soon.  Getting ready for an open house is so much work, particularly when you have to pack most of your belongings to make the space look hip and minimalist.
And don't even mention the yarn.  Space bags, yarn, hours of sorting through stash and preparing it to go into storage.  That's right, my stash is in storage.  Protected from moths, I hope, and ready to come back out once we have sold this place and found a new one.
I have one bin of yarn, some fiber and my spinning wheel.  Let's see if I can knit/spin that down before we move.

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Bonnie said...

Good luck with selling and moving to a new home, Batty! We (your loyal readers) will be here when you have time once again to blog. :-)