Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's Big, it's Bad, it's Banff!

Row gauge: why it's important when you want to knit a raglan sweater. Take a look. Take a good look and remember. Why? Because in a raglan sweater, your row gauge determines the width of your sleeves. It also determines the length of your scye (Is it a scye when you have a raglan sweater? Who knows. I mean the part of the body with the arm decreases). When your row gauge is off, bad things happen.

Of course, the fact that I'm a size 2 doesn't help. Because, believe it or not, my width is dead on. 25 inches wide, just as the pattern states.
My grandmother used to tell me stories of people in her village who were so poor, they only had one pair of pants. They'd take turns wearing them when one of them had to leave the house. Well, I've solved this problem! If we ever go completely broke, both I and my husband will be able to leave the house, wearing the same sweater. Methinks it may even be big enough to house a kid or two!


Rain said...

*Stifles a giggle*

It's happened to all of us at one point or another so I really shouldn't laugh. My latest trick was a pair of baby booties that would fit an 8 year old. I have to admit you've done it in style and while I feel bad for all the work you've put into a lovely sweater, I can't help but smile at the photo. If ever you wanted to shrink a sweater in the wash, now would be the time!

Jerry & Maxy said...

OMG! That is something I would do - completely! WOW! And that's a sweater I'd like to try - you've really helped emphasize the importance of gauge.

Love your Cozy and Edgar too. I've made them too, but love your color choices. I'm thinking of making a Cozy for me in Andean Silk. I've made 1.5 in WOTA, but I think I'd like onemore silky for me.

Way to get a blog!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Oh, I've also made Bobblicious in that exact color too. I have stalled on the seam, if you can believe it. The cats LOVE it as a nest though.

I think it's interesting we've made 3 projects in common, and I want to do BO and Banff :)

mf said...

could use as a nice cozy.... Some people do enjoy bulky in New England they do... Love big shirts Sorry about your gauge!

betzig said...

OMG. You could probably frog it and make two sweaters that are still baggy. It does look super-comfy though. From now on, I will definitely pay attention to my gauge and swatches.

Welcome to blogland. :-)

veritas said...

looks really comfy.... how good would that be on cold nights, snuggled up, all happy and warm and buried in a sweater.... *happyface*

Calling Kahlo said...

yup, that's pretty big.