Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Birthday Haul

Yesterday, my husband gave me the credit card. The instructions were to either go to a spa or a yarn store. I thought about it really hard. A facial at a really good salon is 90+ bucks, and after a couple of weeks at the very latest, I'd just be my old pimply self. So what did I do?

Yes, I went to my friendly neighborhood LYS. I also went to Borders, which is the only book store of any size in our town. Here are some pictures of the haul:

These are: The latest issue of Vogue Knitting. I adore the black knee-highs with the flower embroidery! They're on my must knit list. Next, a back issue of IK that was half-price. I think it's summer of last year. I got a copy of Knit Fix, which is, not surprisingly, about fixing mistakes in one's knitting. Most of the stuff is obvious, and I'm not sure the book really is worth 20 bucks. But I've seen at least a couple of things I didn't know, and which will be worth knowing once I start my experiments with color work!
The Minnow Knits, Too book is full of the cutest, most adorable baby and toddler patterns. Our friends are having kids like you wouldn't believe, and these are not only pretty, but look like they're going to be fun to knit.
There are also Addi Turbos. 40" Addis in sizes 000, 0, and 1. Lace, here I come!

And yes, that's a crochet book. I've taken up the c-word. It's fun, so watch yer language!

Ahem. So, back to the most important thing, the one thing I haven't said anything about: the gorgeous, lustrous, shimmering skein of silky, shiny Cherry Tree Hill goodness. 400+ yards of it. There were other yarns that had a better yardage for the money, but I fell in love with this one. I don't know what it wants to be. Here's a closeup:

Gorgeous, isn't it? I love my sweetie, he gives me a credit card and tells me to buy yarn!


merry said...

Happy Birthday!
What a HAUL! You are sooo lucky!
That CTH yarn is beautiful. Is it silk? Shines like it.
Hope you like your markers!

veritas said...

batty, you read my MIND! te he. i currently have that exact yarn up in another browser, wondering if it felt and looked as good IRL as on the net! great minds!

it looks wonderful! and now i have to scamper off to look at vogue knitting latest issue :)
i hope you had the most divine birthday ever! sounds like you did! i would take yarn over a health spa any day. its the economical option, really. think of how many hours of pleasure you will get out of the yarn. yay!

mjm knitting said...

Belated happy birthday wishes.
Great presents. That yarn looks gorgeous!

mf said...

Gorgeous skein of CTH!!Love thecolor!
Does DH realize giving a CC and ok to go to LYS your got away cheep!!!

Gavin said...

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