Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Too hot to blog

It's so hot! Usually, I wouldn't be bothered, but our central AC broke down a couple of weeks ago. I put in a portable unit and it helps, but lugging it from room to room is a PITA. Besides, I'm leery of putting it in our computer room. Why? Because every time it kicks into high gear, the lights flicker!

But here's an advantage to being a cataloger: I'm sitting in the cool, windowless basement of our building. It's downright chilly down here. Can anyone blame me for not wanting to leave?


Rain said...

AC what's that? Lol. It must be heaven to find somewhere cool. The weather here has broken thank goodness and we're back to rain as usual.

Kate said...


mf said...

not at all. Stay cool!

aurora said...

Oh you poor bat! I don't blame you at all. I hope that the weather cools down soon!

(Love the lotus blossom tank, btw :-) )