Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tools and celebrities

I have been remiss on my blog stalking duties, but now I'm catching up with a vengeance!
This week's assignment has a "you and a celebrity" theme. The problem? I don't know anything about celebrities. Who's famous at the moment? No idea. I occasionally read In Touch on the train, it's entertaining, but I don't watch TV, so I have no clue who all those freaky rich people are.

But I do sleep with a "celebrity"! Yes, he's a cartoon character, but that doesn't make any difference to me. See? That's my hair in the picture!

No, these aren't just pictures I cut out of a magazine. You can tell by the feet. They're definitely mine!

And in the better-late-than-never department: Here are my knitting tools in their little see-through pouch, front, back, and out.

And these are my husband's tools. I don't go near them. Not because he's a chauvinist, or because I don't think women should go near "men's stuff" -- no, because I'm a klutz. I can use a hammer to put together a bookshelf, and I can drill my own holes into walls. But given a choice, I prefer to have someone else do work that can result in serious injury.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh, that answers the age-old question "Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?"

Bezzie said...

Aw man, Turtlegirl beat me to it! Ha ha, great celeb and tools!!!!

mf said...

ohh love scoopy dooo!

Zonda said...

rooby, rooby, doo!!!

:) cute!

Rain said...

Love your PJs

Jo said...

Where did you find the clear bag for your knitting tools? I have one but it is tiny - maybe 2.5" wide by 7" long so I can't put much in it. I tried finding one when all the stores were school supply crazy but didn't.


Amy said...

Very cute!!!!!!!!

Batty said...

jo, I found the clear bag at Woolcott's in Cambridge, MA. But I've seen similar ones on the Knitpicks site, and for far cheaper, too.

aurora said...

Hehehe, scooby. I have thumper on one of my pairs of PJs.

I have also been remiss in my stalking of others' blogs. Though I did give the same cow tape measure to Westozcaat in the last SP round. Weird to think they're available on different sides of the world!