Sunday, October 15, 2006


Yesterday, I had the best time. The knittyhead meetup was so much fun, everyone was so nice. We had a blast, and I hope we get to do this sort of thing again sometime soon. Only next time, I'm taking my camera.

In knitting news: I need to frog back the turbulence sweater because I messed up the shoulder bindoff. So I figured I'd knit the sleeves for Samantha. Well, I've ripped back over 20 rows, and I still haven't found the mistake. Why do I have one stitch too many? Seriously, if I don't find out soon, I'll just m1 and call it good. I mean, I was halfway done with this sleeve! Why, oh why?

OK, enough whining. Pictures of the bat package my spooky SP sent me coming up as soon as my camera works again. Also coming up: pictures of my WEBS haul! Purple and aqua yarn. Yum!


Stariel said...

Oh no, did I lead you astray?

Zonda said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! (pics seen of you and all others on Stariel's blog!) :)

Batty said...

We had a blast! And don't worry, stariel, it's only minor. But I don't feel like ripping it out right now. I just got done ripping out baby sweater sleeve, and two projects at once is a bit much.