Sunday, November 06, 2011

FO Study Break

I'm taking a break from paper writing and thought I'd share some FO pictures. Now, I have often talked about yarns that look tomato red in pictures but are not tomato red in reality. This is not one of them. This yarn is a bright tomato, fire engine, bright as all getout red. It looks tame because I took the pictures in the shade, but really, it's poke-your-eyes-out red -- and I love it.

Look at the neat cables. It took a good long time, but the end result was worth the effort.

I love these socks. A lot.

Yarn: Opal 4 ply sock yarn in the most obnoxious red ever
Pattern: Kells
Needles: #0 US/2.0mm
Size: s
Fun pattern! Lots of cables! Not necessarily takealong knitting but very rewarding. No mods.


Zonda said...

Those are awesome socks! Good to take a break I bet! Hopefully you don't have too much more school do you?

Peri said...

Gawjus socks - love them!

Kaye said...

Woah those are some intense socks! Love 'em!