Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cosby Socks

It's busy season at work, but I had to stop by and share them, my finished Cosby socks. Thanks so much for noticing the resemblance! Mr. Batty and I couldn't quite place where we'd seen the pattern before, we figured it was retro and strangely familiar, but why? And then, you told me! Knitters know everything.

Pattern: Stripe Tease
Yarn: Cheap German sock yarn from Lidl
Needles: US #0
Size: 60 stitches total
Comments: Fun pattern, couldn't stop knitting it. I highly recommend the pattern. As for the yarn... there's a reason it was cheap.


Shannon said...

Very cute! I enjoy that patchy look!

Bonnie said...

Cosby Socks - that's the perfect name for them!

Kaye said...

Holy cow, those ARE Cosby socks! Now if only they still sold Jello Pudding Pops!

Eileen said...

Batty, what a great job. :-D
Jimmy would love those! Where could I find the pattern?

Kate said...

Well, you have the smug satisfaction of knowing that no one else will ever have socks the same as you. :-)

(I think they're rather funky and I'd wear 'em!)

Rocky Moreno said...

Great name for them, Cosby socks, love it. 8)