Sunday, February 05, 2012

SIP Sunday

It's Sunday, the perfect day for socks and sweaters in progress. I have been suffering from startitis, so I will restrict myself to projects I've worked on this weekend. Remember the ugly sock? It... hasn't turned out as swan-like as I would have liked. It looks more unusual than attractive. I almost didn't knit a second sock. But that would be cruel. Being an ugly sock is bad enough. Being an ugly sock that's all alone in the world would be horrible.

Not yet recognizable as much of anything is the neck of Rosamund's Cardigan. I said I'd be knitting sweaters in 2012. See? I am.

One of my Blathnat socks now has a heel. I'm loving the bright green. It's slightly variegated, just the tiniest bit. Very pretty yarn. Very pretty pattern.

There are several other socks in progress, at least one other sweater, and I've been eyeing some yarn/pattern combos for caston potential. Startitis... I've got it bad.


florapie said...

Hey, you created the Cosby Sweater of socks!

terri said...

The Cosby Socks, I like it. The green socks are VERY nice. I am knitting sweaters in 2012 too, on the sleeves of the first one.

Kate said...

Oooh, pretty green. I like those.

Everyone needs a friend, including ugly socks.