Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dead batteries

Sigh. I still haven't posted pictures of my spooky SP's incredibly generous gifts. My husband took me to this amazing pumpkin event at a nearby farm, I took some pictures, but can't download them. The batteries in my camera are dead and I've been too broke to buy new ones!
Has anyone else ever had a negative balance on their account because they just really couldn't afford that last trip to the yarn store? Maybe I do have a problem.

On the bright side: Samanta is done, at least the knitting part. I was trying to put it together and then seam, but that didn't work because all the loose ends from the provisional CO made it impossible to see what's what. Now, I'm hemming first, then putting it together. If I'm really careful, everything should come out even.

The hem is flaring. I can't just pull elastic through it because the dress buttons up the front and fits like a cardi. The elastic would pull the halves apart.

It will block out. I know it will.
I know I'm probably kidding myself.


Rain said...

I hope you get it all sorted so you're happy with it. I can't wait to see it.

weezalana said...

*sending good blocking vibes*

veritas said...

no, seriously, things will block themselves. i believe this on an energetic level. especially if you close your eyes a lot.

i wanna see da photos!

Jessica said...

wooowee!! I can't wait to see your spooky sp stash!! Yay for blogging! We must do it more often!!!!!! :)
(Is that energetic enough? :) )