Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I know, I know, Halloween is long over. But I never properly thanked my Spooky SP, the amazing AKKnitter, for the wonderful (and thoughtful!) goodies she sent me. This green package was Cthulhu-themed, complete with instructions for a dark ritual to summon the Great Old One. She was wonderful to send me a ritual that really worked...
As you can tell, because I didn't get eaten.

Here's me wearing the socks. See, they fit perfectly -- and I don't remember ever giving her my foot measurements! Methinks it's time to get out the tinfoil hat again.
On second thought, why don't I not. After all, getting comfy, warm socks in Cthulhu green is worth the loss of a little privacy.

This is an amazing package, right? Well, it wasn't the only one! Here is the OTHER package she sent. Look at these bat stitch markers! Aren't they the cutest? Complete with Jack Skellington row marker!

And check out this spooky haul. The cutest bat bags, beady candy cake-decorating thingies in bat shapes, and... BAT SPRINKLES! For cookies! Now I can battyfy my cookies, they'll taste twice as good.
There's yarn... I'd never actually knit with Noro Kureyon, so this will be a first. The colors are gorgeous. Then there are these vintage patterns. Some of them are really cute and pretty, others make you laugh out loud. What a great gift.
Then there's the Wool of Bat jar. It doesn't get any more perfect. And a little pumpkin carving kit, and candy corn candles.

I have been completely spoiled, and I apologize for the delay in showing off all this wonderful stuff. Thank you so much. It's obvious a lot of thought went into these packages, and I appreciate every little bit of it.


LadyLungDoc said...

Beautiful socks - were they knit out of the Nature Wool?

Rain said...

Wow, those packages are fantastic. I especially like the bat stitchmarkers.

Rain said...

Wow, those packages are fantastic. I especially like the bat stitchmarkers.

Batty said...

I'm not sure what they were knit of, but they're warm and dense and cozy. My feet are going to be so warm!

Bezzie said...

Wool of bat!!! I love it!!!

SuzannaBanana said...

Neat! Those socks are gorgeous and they look super-comfy. I love the batty stitch markers.

You know, I think it's O.K. that you're sixteen days past Halloween with this post. It only comes once a year, but your post brought a little bit of it back today.


Michelle said...

Glad the socks fit.. they are the nature wool on size 3's. As for how I got your measurements... well... a little birdy told me :)

veritas said...

wow! that is a fantasic haul! yay for batty!