Thursday, January 05, 2012

Here We Are

2012. A couple of days in, right after the resolutions. Time to check in and see how it's g oing!

So far, so good. I'm knitting on... 5 pairs of socks? Maybe 6? I have a sock WIP for every occasion. The body of my current sweater project is almost done, and I have two shawls that need finishing -- as in, substantial knitting, not just washing and blocking.
The stash is shrinking. Trouble is, most of these don't come from my bedroom stash, which is supposed to shrink. They're coming from main stash.

It's a dilemma: knit what I want to knit even if it comes from main stash? Or stick with knitting from the bedroom stash even if it's not giving me that "want to knit this right now" feeling? Not sure.


Sylvie said...

Knit what you want, then move things from the bedroom stash to the main stash as you make room

Rocky Moreno said...

I would knit what you want 8)

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Tough question. 5 of what you want for every 1 of what you don't want that you finish? (I started writing 2 of what you want for every one of what you don't, but couldn't stick with that even in writing and it's not about me. That's how hard it is.) I'm thinking about resolving to deal with all my WIPs in 2012. In the mean time I have started 3 new things in the last 2 weeks. Finished objects: 1.

jpknits said...

I'm a fan of "it's all stash" responses.

Momentum. How can you lose? You'll knit more.

Also GOOD JOB! and Happy New Year!