Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FO's, WIP, and a New Toy!

I'm taking a week off from work, and it's 20 F outside -- and windy. We decided to stay inside, rather than go out there and... well, not be sticks in the mud. But on the bright side, lots of knitting is getting done.

The Cowgirl Slipper Socks, which were supposed to be a Christmas gift, are finally done and blocking. Here is a pre-blocking picture -- they're dark, purply fuchsia in real life, not washed-out red.

Pattern: Cowgirl Slipper Socks
Needles: US #5
Yarn: Frog Tree Superwash Worsted... something
Color: Frosted Fuchsia
Comments: These can be knit in a few hours. Not when you're sick and end up ripping back 3 times, then frogging back the toe of the first slipper sock... but in general, it's possible. They are cute and comfy. I think I'll make myself a pair too.

In other knitting news: How many times have I said I'd try entrelac? Look, I'm actually doing it! This closeup makes it look all bad and holey, but really, it's quite pretty, and I'm happy. It's loads of fun. If the socks turn out pretty, they're for my sister. If they turn out hideous, I'm keeping them.

Speaking of hideous, please ignore the green fiber with orange, yellow, and pink slubs. Focus instead on my new toy, my new spindle! The fiber is less than an ounce of free fluff that came with it so you can try it out right away. They know their customers.
This is Maggie. She is made of maple and weighs 4.6 grams/1.6 ounces, and she spins like a dream. Around and around and around. Doesn't want to stop. I bought a smaller version from Carolina Homespun and fell in love. I just had to have the bigger one... so here she is.

Merlin also has a new toy: His cat fountain. He now takes it apart for fun. Look at the basin and the top part... they are completely crooked, and no water is flowing. Poor Morgana doesn't know when she's going to find it in working condition, and when it will have been disassembled by her fuzzy brother.

I'm starting to think Mr. Engineering Cat has fuzz on the inside of his head, not just the outside!


cpurl17 said...

Cute FO's! And you have one strong kitty if he can take apart the water fountain!!

Julies knitting corner said...

These socks are looking good, the pattern really stands out. Merlin looks like he is having just as much fun with his prezzie as my bonnie did with hers, they are funny. Happy New Year. Julie.C

Bezzie said...

Hee hee! Furry 2 year olds indeed!!!

Love those socks, they look quick and non-boring! (the cowgirl socks that is...the entrelac look a little more time consuming!)

Eileen said...

Thai Shan used to pull out the grill over the fridge tray, way back when...as soon as you put it back, he'd come over and unhook it again. (He finally trained us to leave it that way.)

I like the slipper socks! And entrelac...I love the way it looks, but haven't liked knitting it so far. Good luck to you; I'll bet the socks look lovely when they're finished.