Sunday, December 06, 2009

Weird Weather Saturday

I swear, it just gets weirder. Thursday, we had 68 F, which is about 20 C. Too warm for November. Oh, and winds so bad, I almost couldn't get near the building to get to work. Which then swayed until I turned green in the face.
Then, on Saturday, it got colder. I didn't think much of it until later in the evening, when there was... snow. Yup. From short sleeves to snow in 2 days. Weird, huh?

Also weird is the sock that just won't fit. I've knit the cuff for Ann Budd's Cowgirl Slipper Socks twice now, and both times, it came out ginormous. I ripped the attempt below last night. Today, I try again. On needles 2 sizes smaller than the ones called for.

The rest of the day, we watched The Fiddler on the Roof and played Arkham Horror. It's a fun board game about -- you guessed it -- the Cthulhu mythos. You're an investigator trying to close the gates that are popping up all over town and releasing foul cultists and dreadful monstrosities into the streets of Arkham. If you don't... worse things happen.
There are a lot of little chits and cards, but though it looks incredibly complex, it's actually fun and pretty easy once you get the hang of it. And there are expansions!

Of course, you can't play a board game with lots of little bits and pieces without feline interference. So we cat-nipped their scratcher, and they were pretty much busy the rest of the evening. Here's a picture of both of them having fun with a box.

Merlin sticks out because he's gray and white, but Morgana is quite the camouflage kitty. We've accidentally locked her in closets and other dark spaces because she blends in perfectly. Sometimes, this is great, other times... not so good. Fortunately, her brother meows until we let her out.


Bonnie said...

Same weird weather here in western Mass! 60s the other day, rain/snow yesterday. And this morning there is a coat of white everywhere. I didn't think the snow would stick!

How sweet that Merlin looks out for Morgana.

Thea said...

We've got our sleds out this morning! Craig's impressed with the game... he recognized it from the photo :-)

weezalana said...

Heehee, who needs a Cat in the Hat when you have a Cat in the Box!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

It's ok to go down 2 needle sizes. It's even ok to go down 3. Knit on.