Saturday, December 19, 2009

Still Knitting

It seems it has been forever since my last post! 2 weeks, or thereabouts... I bet you thought I'd abandoned this blog. But not to worry, I'm still here. I have been busy and work, and busy knitting. The socks below took forever. They are man-sized. They are almost exclusively knit in twisted stitches. They hurt.

A closeup of the little cable detail, and of the fancy ribbed gusset.

Now to finish one more pair, ship them off, and that's it for this year. Then, I can finish and send off my sister's birthday gift, which is over a month late. I feel really, really bad about that. But I expect to have plenty of knitting time tomorrow -- we're supposed to get hit with a major snow storm. I've seen what it has done to other parts of the country. We're ready for the big fluff of 09!


Bonnie said...

Such nice socks! The recipient is sure to love them. Enjoy the snow--I'm looking forward to it! I hope it's all white and beautiful tomorrow morning.

Julies knitting corner said...

Lovely work and detail, anyone would be thrilled to have these. I would love to see pictures of the snow if you can. Take care. Julie.C

Eileen said...

Lovely! (I just finished my last gift knitting. It's ready to be blocked, thank goodness.)

Thea said...

Hiya! the socks look great -- I love all the detail. Have fun in the snow tonight and tomorrow, maybe you'll get more knitting done?

Vanessa said...

LOL when I read your description I said "Ouch" out loud and my 3 year old said "why did you say ouch mom, are you hurt?"

LOL lovely socks!!

~Phyllis~ said...

Hi Batty,
Lovely socks. I can't imagine knitting something so lovely. Looks very difficult.
Stay warm with all that snow.

fleegle said...

Lovely socks!

The spindle is pink ivory and ebony, from Spindlewoods.

Glad you liked my hat and toys--I had fun knitting them!

Mary said...

Hey Batty,
ich glaube an diesem Sockenpaar hätte ich ewig gestrickt. Es ist wunderschön geworden.

Liebe Grüße

Alma said...

Oh, those socks are beautiful. Twisted stitches are a pain, but always worth it.

weezalana said...

Those turned out great! I loves me some twisted stitches, but I give you nods for knitting them in man-sized socks!