Friday, May 13, 2011


Is there a reason not to take pictures of finished objects early in the morning? Right after you've woken up but before you've had any coffee?

You betcha!

Yes, the picture is dorktastic, but I quite like my Quincy hat. Here's what it looks like. A bit too much light, but you can see the structure.

It was fun to make and took about one skein of Ariosa. Ariosa is soft and squishy and a dream to work with. Just don't use it for a project you intend to frog a lot or pull on, like tight cables. I was sewing the provisional caston with the live stitches on my needles, and the yarn ripped twice. It's loosely spun -- more like roving than yarn, really. But it is very soft.


Anonymous said...

Meh, what's dorky really? And besides, who cares when your head is coooosyyyyy warm.

Kaye said...

Ha ha! Great time of day to take pics!
Nice hat...just in time for winter! ;0)

Fujiyamamama said...

I love Quincy! Not at all dorky photo by the way, you look great and so does your hat.