Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funky 80's Socks

My sister likes funky socks. I thought I'd look for the brightest self-striping yarn and found this -- Rebia Ringel Color in glorious 80's colors. Perfect! I knew I had a winner when I found a pattern that also reminded me of the 80's.

Taken in the evening, no flash to show off the structure. The weather is miserable, it's raining the entire week. But these Warmups make me happy!

Only thing you may want to know is that they take up lots of yarn in those welts. I knit 6 instead of 5, and this is how much yarn I have left over from one ball.

Usually, I'd try to match the stripes in the second sock, but with this amount of yarn left over, I'm cutting it close as it is. Whatever color shows up first gets used for the caston.


pinkundine said...

That's really similar to the colourway I'm using to knit my (very first) socks right now ;) It's such a happy looking yarn! I love the pattern you've used.

OfTroy said...

they are great looking! i love how the welts are wavy! and i love bright color socks--today is yet another grey day--nothing like fun socks to brighten it up.

faeriecollege said...

Woah, those are sincerely.flipping.awesome.

Kate said...

Aw, they remind me of high school. I love them!