Monday, May 29, 2006

The Amazing Lace - Challenge #1

My skein and I have entered The Amazing Lace.
So far, this skein is just a skein, waiting for a true Jedi Knight to unlock its full potential. In honor of the event, I am wearing my Obi-Wan t-shirt. I hope it will help me turn a ball of pricey purple string into the Baltic Sea Stole.

Many questions remain: Will my Padwan help me achieve the ultimate knitting experience? Or will it turn to the Dark Side, forcing me to frog over and over? Or perhaps it will prove to be ill-suited to the rigors of Jedi training. In spite of the Force, it is sometimes difficult to see what the future holds for a knitter and her skein. This is the beginning of our adventures together.

May the Force be with us -- and with all of you!


Rain said...

Lol, I hope it goes well.

bethc said...

The force... that's what lace really calls for!! Great idea.

Rachel said...

Hey! Is using The Force cheating in The Amazing Lace??

Just kidding. Very cute intro. May The Force be with you.