Thursday, May 18, 2006

Long time no blog

Sometimes, absences are good. In my case, I've been too busy knitting to put anything up on my blog! Picovoli is done! Tonight, I wash and block, and when it's dry, I'll put up some modeled shots. Apparently, it's very flattering on. When I did a pre-wash-block (i.e. pre-cotton blooming) fitting, my husband's first comment was that it looks really good because it makes my assets look good. Only that's not quite how he put it...

Next in line: Tempting, which I've been putting off for quite some time. I've tried to get gauge 3 times now, no luck. My row gauge must be way different from my stitch gauge, because I can get one or the other, but never both. And that happens with almost every project I make! Maybe a more experienced knitter will see this and explain?
Oh, well. Haven't tried US 10 yet. Got to love my Boyes Needlemaster kit for swatching on the train!

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Rain said...

Ooooooooo can't wait to see it.

As for gauge - other knitters would probably shoot me for saying this - if you get the stitch gauge then the row gauge doesn't always matter as much. A lot of patterns are written so that you knit for x inches rather than x rows for the body, so even if you don't get the row gauge you still get the right length. If the sleeves are raglan then it can cause an issue depending how many rows you are out by, but for anything that tells you to knit straight for x inches you can pretty much ignore the row gauge as long as the stitch gauge is fine. I hope that makes sense. Just be aware it if gauge is out then it may affect how much yarn you need.