Saturday, June 24, 2006

1 Day to Pictures!

I've had it. Tomorrow, I'm going to buy a new camera, and then: pictures. In addition to the overdue SP package shots, I also have a bunch of knitting that needs to be shown to the world. You see, the weather sucks out here in good old New England.

Today, we were supposed to have class, 9-4. I got up at 6 am, got on the train, sit around for the 1.5 hours it takes me to get to Boston, make it to the library -- only to find a big handwritten sign telling me that all classes have been cancelled till Monday due to flash flooding. Apparently, the entire main campus is without electricity.

So I take the T back to the station, sit around for another hour, then take the train back home. I'm bummed about the class because one of my profs has to go back to California tomorrow, and we missed 7 hours of her lectures. That's too bad because she's a good lecturer. On the bright side, I spent my extra train and waiting time knitting. The upshot: Clapotis is done, the ends are woven in. Tempting is about 2 inches (give or take an inch) from being done. Then I need to graft together the armpits and weave in the ends, and voila: a second FO. Blocking will have to wait because my blocking room doubles as our guest bedroom, and my MIL is coming next weekend. With this humidity, it'll take my knitting more than that to dry. I'll take pictures of it anyway, in its pristine, unblocked state.

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Rain said...

Check you with FOs galore. Can't wait to see them.