Friday, June 30, 2006

Must read the manual...

...for my new digital camera, that is. It's more software based than my old one, i.e. it has many more functions that have nothing to do with the strictly mechanical principle of "push this button, and that happens." They have invented a whole hieroglyphic alphabet of options to choose from in my tiny little display window! I'm sure it's a good camera and I'll be very happy with it eventually, but I really need to read that manual.

Last night, my husband tried to take a picture of me in my newly-finished, bright red Tempting. I was standing there, grinning like an idiot because I have a brand-new sweater, and it fits so much better than Banff. So what happens? The pictures come out dark. Really dark. Like you're standing in a vast room illuminated by a single lightbulb, and we're talking in the remotest corner of remote corners. No color, no definition, just silhouettes and a bit of glare where the light hit my glasses.

So: pictures are coming, but only after I've read the manual. My mother-in-law is visiting us for a week, and I may be a bit behind on blogging and reading people's blogs. Sorry 'bout that.

Hope all concerned have a pleasant 4th of July -- no offense to my British pals!


Rain said...

Leave the man to read the MANual(like they ever do) and he can explain the basics to you.

I can't wait to see Tempting. Read faster Mr Batty.

Areli said...

I look forward to pictures. Sounds like a beautiful sweater.