Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm beat

Today, I only got in 1 repeat of section 3 on my Clapotis. I'm about to start the 4th repeat, and so far, things seem to be going well. Dropping the stitches is a pain, though. I know I have weird body chemistry. Gold plating comes off, tapestry needles blacken, yarn gets grippy and felts. Yes, that's right. It takes serious effort to get that stitch to drop. I don't want to wear gloves while knitting, though. That would look ridiculous.

The reason I didn't get more done: I went to the mall to put together a care package for my sister, who has her physical therapist licensing exam this month. Literally. It's a month-long monstrosity of an exam. So I bought a whole bunch of ginger-scented pampering products at the Origins counter -- I love that scent, will have to get some for myself when I have more money! It's not obnoxiously strong, it's subtle and refreshing.
There's also some white chocolate, lip gloss and a lip liner, cocoa, and vanilla-flavored redbush tea. I hope she feels loved and pampered. She's worked very hard. Studying doesn't come easily because she has a learning disability, and they test 3 years' worth of knowledge in one big test. It's rough.

I tried to go to our LYS, but couldn't, as they're not open Sundays May 1-Labor Day. Bummer. Other than that, I got everything I need, but I'm exhausted.


Rain said...

Glad to know it's going well, hope those drop stitches behave themselves. It's well worth the hassle as it's going to look wonderful when it's finished.

mlj1954 said...

You are a good sister.
Good luck with your dropped stitches. I haven't tried that yet, it should be a natural since I'm always dropping stitches, anyway!