Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fun, fun, fun

My, the amount of fun I've been having! First, my internet connection decides to come and go as it pleases. Why? Turns out we need a new modem. Then, the grant that pays for my job gets extended, but only till August. So now, I'm job-hunting. Oh, and I'm cataloging Congressional documents all day long, and all of this while trying to suppress the urge to hit my head against the wall.

To keep myself sane, I've been knitting. The second sleeve on Tempting is coming along great. I modified them to be slightly below elbow-length. I want to have something that is both warm and pretty enough to dress up for a party. Has anyone noticed how women's fancy dress doesn't change with the seasons? Men have lighter fabrics for summer and heavier suits for winter. For women, the dressier the occasion, the less they wear. Strappy dresses, floaty fabrics, high-heeled sandals, anybody? In December?
Been there, done that. So instead of freezing my butt off, I'll have a nice alpaca and cashmere sweter to keep me warm. And it'll still be pretty!

My mom's clapotis is also coming along. I'm half a repeat away from dropping my first stitch. It's both exciting and strangely disturbing. Pictures of my progress are coming up, possibly tomorrow. Who knows, by then, I may have my first drop stitch ladder!


Rain said...

The knitting sounds like it's coming along well. I did the whole 'freezing' thing when I was younger, these days I have more sense (although I still rely on the 'beer' jacket from time to time). Tempting sounds like it will be perfect for parties.

chamomile said...

Your plan for Tempting sounds like a good one! I've also had tons of problems with internet connections and modems, so I hear ya!