Saturday, June 10, 2006

Trouble in Clapotis-Land?

So I've been knitting my Clapotis. Things have been going well, except for the following issue: It says to drop the stitch, then pick up the top bar. I did, front to back. Then, I knit that stitch and the next stitch through the back, like the pattern says. Then I saw that picking up the stitches front to back and knitting through the back loop makes the drop stitch ladder go away on top (see picture). Now I'm thinking: if I'd picked up back to front, it'd keep going. Did I mess up? The picture shows rows 8 and 9 completed on my first repeat. Does this look right?
Help, I may be over-thinking again!


msubulldog said...

Nope, you're fine. After dropping the stitch, you want to sort of close off the drop because you're going to bind that off soon. Clapotis is knit on the bias, so as you start dropping stitches, you also start binding off on the right and increasing (or knitting straight) on the left. Make sense? Again, in short, you're doing it right. :)

Rain said...

I van't help with the pattern, but I can say that it is looking gorgeous so far. The yarn is absolutely beautiful and it's going to look wonderful.

Penny Karma said...

Completely beside the point, you have lovely nails.