Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lotus Blossom Aaargh!

I just finished round 8 of the first lace repeat... and I'm off by 1 stitch! Knit 3 after you do the last pattern repeat, I only have 2. My stitch count was spot on after 6. Maybe I forgot a YO? Maybe knit an extra stitch somewhere?
During lunch, I'll go over row 8 stitch by stitch. All 200 of them. With any luck, it'll turn out that I made a mistake in the last repeat or 2.


Emma said...

Wow, good luck!

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

The trick I find w/mine since my markers were every 20 sts, was that whatever number of sts you had to knit at the beginning of the round had to be the same number after each marker. Not sure if it'll work w/markers every 50 sts, but maybe that'll help you find your missing YO or stitch.

aurora said...

I love your Clapotis!

I have to use stitch markers every pattern repeat when I do a lacey pattern. It makes for a heavy item, but it also means that I know exactly where the problem/s are.

Batty said...

Well, I didn't find the problem, in spite of serious searching. So I ripped back to the last row of garter stitch, and fortunately, I managed to pick up all 200 stitches. I had the same number of stitches after each marker, but somehow, I still managed to have 1 fewer stitch than the pattern called for... oh, well. I probably forgot a YO in the row before and never noticed until the next row didn't work out.
Don't knit lace when you're tireed!

Rain said...

Bezzie had a load of problems with Lotus Blossom. Agree with the others about using stitch markers. Maybe lifelines wil help if you have to rip again.

Hope you sort it out, it's a gorgeous pattern.

Batty said...

Oh, I'm not giving up on it. I'm just resuming my habit of obsessively counting stitches between markers, every round. It's time-consuming, that much is certain, but after the bamboo ripping nightmare (it's so darn splitty!), I think it'll save me lots of grief in the long run.