Thursday, June 22, 2006

Done! Done! Oh, Darn!

Why does the camera have to be broken?

In a fit of mad procrastination, I finished my mother's Clapotis. It took exactly 3 skeins of Lion & Lamb, with about 3 inches left over! Now all I have to do is weave in the 2 ends. I love drooling my yarn together (i.e. spitting on the ends, then rubbing them together between my palms until they form one strand of yarn)!
The colorway is no good for my complexion, I don't like neutrals, this thing hasn't even been blocked, and it's for my mother. So why am I walking around the house with it? Why did I just splurge on some Lion & Lamb for myself, when my term appointment ends and I'm possibly going to be unemployed for a while?

Because this shawl is gorgeous! The way it drapes is unbelievable, the sheen is incredible, and I have to have one of my own, that's why. And as soon as I have a working digital camera, I'll put up pictures of the wonder that is my... ahem, I mean, my mother's Clapotis.

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Rain said...

I can wait to see it as the progress shots looked fantastic. The yarn is beautiful. I didn't realise it was for your Mom, you must be loathe to part with it. I know when I got mine I pranced around the house in it for ages. You'll have to get the needles going for your own. The odd yarn splurge here and there does you good.