Sunday, June 25, 2006


As I said, my camera and I are still getting to know each other, and I haven't yet figured out how to get far enough to capture the entire Clapotis yet have the image not turn out blurry. This is a shot that wasn't all that successful because the lighting sucked, but I think it looks sort of artistic. Reminds me of dunes, a desert landscape of some kind.

The next picture is more... conventional. It doesn't do the yarn justice, though, Lion and Lamb has a beautiful shimmer. Click for a closeup to get a better idea. I love the Aslan colorway. Neutrals are usually not my thing, but I've been prancing around the house in my mother's Clapotis, and I'm loath to let it go.

Hence my latest yarn splurge: some Lion and Lamb in the colors of the fire (oranges, reds, greys, purples...). The inspiration came from veritas' sky hat -- great thanks go out to the great gothic knittyboard enabler : )

Back to my mother's Clapotis, though. It's pretty much invisible, but there is a difference in dye lots. The numbers were the same, but the third skein included substantially more of a yellow-ish color I hadn't seen in the other two. It's very gradual and subtle, though, so I don't mind. Nobody but me will ever know!

The pooling bothered me before I dropped the stitches, but now? I think it's kind of neat. And I still can't believe I finished with only 3 skeins and about 4 inches of yarn to spare. It was nerve-wrecking because I didn't want to ball the entire 4th skein just for 3 inches of yarn. But 3 was enough, if only barely.

There will be more pictures once the wrap is blocked. I'm extremely happy with it, my only worry is the smell of raw silk. If anyone can think of a way to lessen the smell of silk, let me know -- it makes my mother nauseous. I don't want to give her a gift that makes her puke.


Areli said...

It's gorgeous, your mom will love it.

Yarnista said...

Your clapotis looks wonderful. What about washing it with a laundry soap that has essential oils in it, like Meyer's. I love the geranium scent.

Rose said...

That is gorgeous. You did such a good job on it. Your mom will love it. :)

Rain said...

It is absolutely beautiful and very elegant looking. The yarn for your own sounds gorgeous. I think a gentle hand wash in something that smells nice should do the trick.

It's stunning, I'm not surprised you don't want to part with it.

Stilaholic Nartian knits said...

Your mother will love it, I'm sure.

I recently saw LL L&L in person at a yarn store and finally realized why its lusted over.

Penny Karma said...

WOW! Go you!!!